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Parent Consultation Group



We believe that working closely with parents is crucial to deliver the best service we can to our children and ensure that they make the best possible progress in all areas of their lives.

We encourage parents to contact us whenever they wish, whether they need support and advice, would like to discuss their child and their needs, or simply to find out how they are doing in school.

In addition, we will also hold termly Parent Consultation days as a forum for parents to raise whole school issues for discussion and consideration by the Governing Body and the Headteacher which may contribute to future school improvement planning.

The Group will also support the school in finding ways for all parents to engage with school life, enhance communication between parents and school and support their child’s learning and progress.


The Parents’ Consultation Group will have an advisory and consultative role.

The Group will not discuss issues relating to individual staff, pupils or parents.

The Group is not the channel for individual parent complaints and issues – these should be raised with the class or Headteacher as appropriate.


The Parent Consultation Group will be hosted by the Headteacher, Partnership Co-ordinator or parent member volunteer.

The Group is open to all parents & carers of pupils at Montacute School.

The aim is to achieve complete and balanced representation from parents throughout the school.

Members of the Group may be requested to canvas opinions or ideas from other parents or carers in response to requests from the Governors or Headteacher.

Other Governors, Teachers & other members of school staff may be invited to attend as required in support of specific agenda items.


Agenda items can be proposed by the Governing Body, Headteacher, Partnership Co-ordinator or parents.

Minutes will be published to all parents & carers.