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Welcome to Studland Class


Dear Families, 


During this term our topic will be looking at Mindfulness and also biographies from inspiring people that were once young with big dreams. We will be looking at David Attenborough, Audrey Hepburn, Mother Teresa to name a few. We will be looking at the places and cultures of where they lived and worked and visited. To see more details please look at our topic planning sheet.


Over time I will update this page to share with you some of the work which we have done in school and some ideas for activities to do at home.


Please do let us know if you need any additional information or activities and as always please do send us photos and videos of any tasks that you undertake at home.


With warmest regards


The Studland Team

Topic Overview

Dear Families, welcome to the Summer Term,


During this term we will be learning 'Detectives' and using our special skills to work out clues and develop our understanding across all of our curriculum areas.


We have included an overview of the aspects that we will be covering in school and included some additional tasks for home learning to support the extension of our classroom based studies.


Please do let us know if you need any additional information or activities and as always please do send us photos and videos of any tasks that you undertake at home.


With warmest regards


The Studland Team



The Studland Detective Agency

Summer 2022


Let's go on a learning adventure and solve all of the clues.

Our core texts this term are based on some really great mystery stories.  

Core Text

Music is really important to all of the Studland Detectives.  Here are just a few of the songs that we are using during the Summer Term to help cue us into our learning sessions.  Mums and Dads and Nannies and Grandads might be familiar with some of them!  We hope you enjoy.


These songs and pieces of music help us to understand that learning is about to start and prompt us to move to our work stations, make links to prior learning and get ready for fun!

Thompson Twins - We are Detectives

Still image for this video

Mission Impossible

Still image for this video


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Linking our Science theme and our PSHE work. We can be anything we want to be!

Sherlock Holmes

Still image for this video

The Pink Panther

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Studland Detective Agency

 Home Learning Ideas - Summer 2022


This list of ideas is provided to offer an additional level of learning for children to engage in at home with family members.  Its aim to extend the school learning offer and to enable children to generalise their learning and most importantly to have fun! 


Please do share any photos of your Detective Adventures, we can't wait to see what you get up to.




  • Make your own invisible ink and write secret notes to your friends.
  • Invent your own secret agent gadget.
  • Create your own Secret Agent ID card. Use a code name and disguise so you can’t be identified!
  • Make a spy disguise, e.g. a moustache, hat, glasses, etc.
  • Make your own book safe. What? We’ve seen them in the spy movies on bookshelves with diamonds and valuables hidden in a space inside. To the naked eye, just a book but to a secret agent it’s a place for concealing their secrets! Create your own with an old, thick, hard-backed book.
  • Create a ‘WANTED’ poster for that criminal mastermind you’re trying to track down.
  • Use collage and old magazines to make your own ‘ransom note’ style signs/messages/cards. Cut and stick letters individually.
  • Make your own secret map.
  • Create a journal to document all your adventures. Disguise it as a reading book so no one will find it!
  • Your mission, should you choose to accept it is... to create and film your own secret mission DVDs.



  • Decorate biscuits with finger print patterns.
  • Did You Know?
  • Your finger prints developed before you were born and everyone’s are unique... even identical twins have different fingerprints!
  • Improve your night vision and cook up a carrot based recipe.
  • Disguise food to look like another dish, i.e. white chocolate spaghetti.
  • Julia Child (famous chef) was previously an intelligence officer. Try cooking one of her recipes.
  • Send some undercover messages by hiding them inside fortune cookies.
  • Food in disguise - try meat alternatives, do any of them fool you in to believing that they’re meat?
  • Mission Impossible - create a dish from a selection of random ingredients selected from a mystery bag. You should use 1 protein source, 1 potato/carb, 3 fruit and veg.
  • Your mission, should you choose to accept it shop on a budget of £3-5 and make a meal using your purchased ingredients.
  • Bake some foot print biscuits. You could use moulds to create a shoe tread effect or create your own by imprinting in to the dough.
  • Go undercover and do some detective work to trace ingredients to their country of origin and mark them on a map.
  • Investigate the passport system for cattle in the UK and how traceability works to ensure food safety.




  • Play the Detective and have a game of Wink Murder.
  • Complete a detective training obstacle course to test your agility.
  • Match shoes to their prints.
  • Correctly identify fingerprints and play pairs with finger print cards.
  • Hold your own treasure hunt to find mystery places.
  • Unlock mysteries by finding keys hidden inside black balloons without using your hands. Some balloons won’t have keys so beware of false clues!
  • Play a game of i-spy.
  • Take fingerprints from suspects.
  • Test your communication skills and practice your Singalong signs. Teach your family some of your favourite signs.
  • Snap some detective selfies in your home made disguises.
  • Become a Detective. Search the internet for your favourite piece of music, video or game. 
  • Make a detective ID card, take a selfie and add you name.  Remember a good detective always shows their ID card when they begin to investigate a mystery or crime.
  • Search for clues in your garden and be a detective, tracking animals , can you find any animal footprints?
  • Search the internet for detective stories for children.  Why not listen to the recording of ‘Dog Detective’ by Julia Donaldson.

Groovy Greeks Topic Overview Spring 2022

Core Texts

More Groovy Greeks! | Groovy Greeks Compilation | Horrible Histories

Speaking Greek

Listen to these words in Greek. Some of them sound very similar in English. Can you say them? Can you sign them?

A Pirates Life For Me! Home Learning Autumn 2021

Dear Parents and Carers

As part of our new home learning initiative we have prepared a number of  suggested activities that we hope will support you to engage your child in extending their school learning experience. 

The suggested activities are aligned with the work that we are undertaking in school this term and seek to support and consolidate each child’s learning experience.

Please do let  us know if there are any additional activities or specific tasks that would be useful.

With warmest regards

'The Studland Team'


Our Core Texts


In our music sessions we are learning to find the beat to different pieces of music. As part of our Pirate themed work this term we have begun to explore 'Sea Shanties'. Can you make some drums out of household objects and play along to The Wellerman?

Pirate Yoga

Come on pirates, we need to keep fit and healthy. Take a look at this yoga pirate story. Can you copy the yoga moves? Have a go, perhaps mum and dad will join in too!