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Montacute Zones of Emotion

The ‘Zones’ have been created to provide a visual system to categorize complex feelings and states that pupils experience on a daily basis.


Our Aim: To support pupils to develop a greater understanding of their own emotions and states to learn how to self-regulate.


At Montacute school we believe that our 'Zones' best support pupils when delivered in a holistic way. We have developed the 'Zones' to be embedded in everyday life at Montacute.



The 'Montacute Zones of Emotion' have influenced the development of support plans, clearly describing how individual pupils present in each zone and the tools that they can use to self-regulate complex emotions or state of alertness. 


At Montacute we believe that all behaviour is form of communication. Our aim is to provide pupils with the means to communicate their needs effectively; develop an awareness and understanding of  complex emotions using a visual system; and to identify and learn how to use tools to self-regulate. 


All pupils have a 'My Zones' section on Iris adapt that has been created asking the questions below.




Visit our 'Montacute Zones of Emotion' page for more information and downloadable resources.