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Health & Medical Needs

Veronica Truswell (Ron) - School Nurse

Montacute School is committed to supporting pupils with medical needs and follow the procedures set out in the Department for Education 'Supporting pupils at school with medical conditions - December 2015' guidance.


When a new child joins Montacute, parents will meet with the Nurse to discuss their child's health needs and to compile their medical history.


Our Nurse is responsible for ensuring that:


- all Healthcare Plans are received and up-to-date for each relevant child

- all staff receive timely and specific training to meet the needs of any children they support

- all medication is stored, administered and transported safely and accurately

- medical policies and procedures are regularly reviewed and updated


and will liaise with parents and other professionals when appropriate.




The school has many First Aid at work qualified staff and has a minimum of x1 qualified staff allocated to each class. 

We also have x4 Paediatric First Aid trained staff and x12 Lifeguard trained staff.

A qualified member of staff will accompany children on community visits.




The school ensures safe storage of prescribed medication and strict procedures ensure that all school staff who administer medicines are clear about the processes they need to follow and what action to take if they have concerns.


Non prescribed medication sent in from home (ie, Calpol), may be given to relieve minor ailments. Further details can be found in our Policy.




If a child becomes ill while at school they are looked after in the classroom (if it is not appropriate that they are moved) or the health & wellbeing room. If a child is unable to continue with their activities then parents will be contacted and asked to collect them as soon as possible. 


Emergency services will be called if required.




The school makes appropriate referrals to the Paediatric and Neonatal Dysphagia Lead, Paediatric Speech and Language Therapy, Dorset Healthcare University, NHS and parents are invited to attend appointments held in school.




The school makes appropriate referrals to the Community Dietician, Community & Specialist Dietetic Service, Dorset HealthCare University, NHS, and parents are invited to attend appointments held in school.




The school makes appropriate referrals to the Consultant Paediatrician with Specialist interest in Neurodisability, Community Paediatrics Team, Child Development Centre, Poole Hospital, and parents are invited to attend appointments held in school.




The school supports school age immunisation sessions delivered by the Dorset School Aged Immunisation Service (SAIS).




The Special Care Dentistry Team are scheduled to make annual visits to the school.



Children have a fundamental right to access the health care that they need in order to achieve maximum health and development in childhood and beyond. Parents have the primary responsibility to ensure their child’s health needs are met and this includes ensuring they access health care appointments.

A failure to ensure access to health care is linked to poor outcomes and recognised as a safeguarding concern.

School will work in partnership with appropriate medical agencies to facilitate appointment attendance and to fully support parents to meet the needs of their child.

Missed appointments will be recorded as 'Was not Brought'.

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