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Canford Class

Welcome to Canford Class! We are an upper KS2/3 class that loves to learn, both in the classroom and out in the community. 

Our topic this term is Life Forms

Some of our favourite circle time songs

Some of our circle time choosing songs

This term our topic is Life Forms.


We have decided to focus on animals and environments under this topic and many of our lessons and sessions will have this theme running through them.


We will carry this theme through all our literacy and numeracy sessions as well as others too. 


Our Core texts in Literacy this term is Oi, Get off our train by John Burningham. It is a book about a boy who is dreaming about going on a train ride through different environments and weathers while different animals get on as they have an issue with their habitat. We will read the story, interact with it through a sensory journey and dance and sing it too. 

Oi! Get Off Our Train by author John Burningham

Oi! Get off our train by John Burningham Who wants to get on the night sleeper train and why?

Our current timetable

Home Learning Ideas around the topic of 'Life Forms'


  1. Create a Sensory Habitat:

    • Task: Encourage students to create a sensory habitat for a specific animal. Provide materials like clay, sand, cotton balls, and small toy animals.
    • Instructions: Have them mold the habitat using the materials provided. Discuss the sensory aspects of each material (soft, rough, smooth) and how it relates to the chosen animal's environment.
  2. Animal Sound Guessing Game:

    • Task: Record or find audio clips of animal sounds.
    • Instructions: Share the sounds with the students and have them guess which animal makes each sound. This can be a fun and interactive way to learn about different animals and the sounds they make.
  3. Nature Scavenger Hunt:

    • Task: Create a list of animals or animal-related items for a scavenger hunt.
    • Instructions: Encourage students to explore their backyard or nearby outdoor area to find items on the list. This hands-on activity helps them connect with the natural world.
  4. Build a Mini Terrarium:

    • Task: Provide materials for building a mini terrarium, such as a small glass jar, soil, pebbles, and small plants.
    • Instructions: Guide students in creating a small habitat for insects or other small creatures. Discuss the importance of different elements in the environment, like soil for plants or hiding spots for animals.
  5. Animal-themed Art and Craft:

    • Task: Choose an animal and have students create art projects related to that animal and its environment.
    • Instructions: They could make collages, drawings, or sculptures. This allows for creativity while reinforcing the connection between animals and their habitats.
  6. Read and Act Out Animal Stories:

    • Task: Assign simple animal-themed stories or books.
    • Instructions: Encourage students to read the stories and then act out the animal characters. This not only enhances reading skills but also helps them understand the behaviors of different animals.
  7. Virtual Zoo Tour:

    • Task: Organize a virtual tour of a zoo or wildlife sanctuary.
    • Instructions: Explore online resources that offer live or recorded video feeds of animals. Discuss the animals' environments, behaviors, and characteristics after the virtual tour.
  8. Animal-themed Sensory Bins:

    • Task: Create sensory bins with materials representing different animal environments.
    • Instructions: Include items like sand, rocks, fake grass, or water beads. Let the students explore the bins while discussing the textures and elements associated with each animal's habitat.