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Montacute School

Montacute School

‘Where every moment is a learning opportunity’

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Bronze Award 

Pupils will have every opportunity to develop independence and confidence in physical and sporting activities, make a difference to our school and local community and to learn new skills and explore their interests. Pupils will work towards and plan an overnight expedition in the summer term to complete their full award.


Skills - Pupils will work towards developing or learning new skills. Pupils will choose from a variety of activities to complete weekly over a six month period. 


Physical - Pupils will work to gain confidence in physical and sporting activities. Pupils will choose from the breadth of our physical development and outdoor learning curriculum. Pupils will be supported to complete the activity weekly over a three month period. 


Volunteering - Pupils will be offered the opportunity to make a difference to their class and our school community. Pupils will choose jobs to complete weekly to make a difference in our school community over a three month period.


Expedition - Pupils will work to plan and complete an expedition. Pupils will need to complete a two day/ one night expedition with the support of the DofE team and familiar school staff.