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Supporting Behaviour

At Montacute School we have a duty of care to treat all of our students and staff with respect and dignity at all times. Our students at Montacute have a range of learning disabilities which can impact upon their ability to manage their own behaviour. This can result in behaviour that challenges. At Montacute, we recognise that a student who engages in challenging behaviour is asking for our help. We know that all behaviour serves a function and all behaviour is a form of communication and it is the job of the school community to identify and support this. We employ a range of strategies within a Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) Framework to help us understand the purpose of the challenging behaviour and teach our students more appropriate ways of accessing what they need. At Montacute we think that behaviour that challenges can be thought of as a ‘needs driven’ behaviour. We teach a whole range of skills to our students, at whatever level is accessible to them, in order to enable our students to develop skills for life in regulating their own behaviour and meeting their own needs. This enables our students to engage in learning opportunities and reach their full potential within and outside the school setting.

  • Montacute school is a happy, fun and safe place to be.
  • All students and staff feel safe, secure and supported by the school community.
  • All students and staff and the wider school community (parents, external professionals, etc.) are treated with dignity and respect.
  • A therapeutic, functional environment where all students have a right to learn, to have fun and build friendships is provided.
  • All pupils have the opportunity to learn transferable skills to self-regulate and manage their anxieties and emotions.
  • A clear vision of what good/expected behaviour is shared with all students and staff.
  • A framework for consistent implementation of behaviour strategies, in line with individual person-centred plans and wider legislation is imbedded in everyday practice.
  • All staff are engaging in best practice when supporting our students using person-centred Positive Behaviour Support Strategies in order to improve outcomes for our students.
  • All staff are working towards reducing the need for restrictive practice using proactive approaches and listening to pupil voice.


Our aim is to support pupils to effectively communicate to promote them to self-regulate and display appropriate and expected behaviours, increasing their engagement in learning sessions across the curriculum.


Our values encourage every child to be active members of the school and wider community, outlined in our ‘pupil charter’;


At Montacute school we work closely with other professionals to seek advice and guidance to best support our young people. 

  • ID-CAMHS - advice and support for young people and their families, experiencing mental health and/or behavioural difficulties.

  • Speech and Language - Communication assessments, support, guidance and resources.
  • NHS Occupational Therapist - 1:1 Therapy sessions and implementation of therapy programmes.
  • Educational Psychologist 

If you would like advice or support to make a referral please speak to your child's class teacher. 

If you would like any additional support and guidance visit out our 'Parent Support Pages'.