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Montacute School

Montacute School

‘Where every moment is a learning opportunity’

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As a Rights Respecting School we believe that our pupils have the Right to the very best education possible. At Montacute it is extremely important that we equip our pupils with the skills and knowledge needed to become as independent as possible to prepare them for their future adult lives. When our pupils leave Montacute School we would like them to be as independent as possible. We would like them to be able to take part and to enjoy relationships with others and to lead full and happy lives.


Curriculum Intent

At Montacute School we provide a rich, broad and balanced curriculum to enable all students to broaden their horizons and to reach their full potential. It is well resourced and planned to ensure students can access the curriculum using their preferred learning style. At all times pupil safety, mental and physical well being remain uppermost in planning for an individualised curriculum.

Throughout the school a strong emphasis is placed on developing independence and communication skills. We aim to give our pupils an independent voice and in doing so believe it is important to listen to their voices and involve them as much as possible in their own learning.

We aim to make learning ‘real’ and meaningful, so we offer a range of learning experiences in the local community and beyond.  As pupils move through the school they are given opportunities to develop work related and life skills. This may take the form of work experience in the community or by taking responsibilities in school. To develop independence some pupils may learn how to use public transport and make choices.

The Post 16 curriculum takes into account pupils’ own aspirations offering a range of accreditation including ASDAN, Open Awards and Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme where appropriate.

Curriculum Implementation 

All pupils access a broad and balanced curriculum which introduces them to a wide range of subjects . Our curriculum is designed in subject areas organised into units of learning to maximise opportunities for retrieval practice. This is crucial for our learners who need much repetition for deep learning to take place. It may be necessary to repeat learning taken place in the Early Years Foundation stage throughout a child's school life but this will always be repeated in an age appropriate way.

English and Maths, whilst they are taught as discrete subjects, pupils are supported to practise their learning of these in all other areas of the curriculum and at other times during the day including during transitions and play times.

Subjects are taught through themes . These themes provide the vehicle through which the subjects are taught and are not subjects themselves.