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Welcome to Lilliput Class!! 

We can't wait to start out new topic next term! We will be learning about our emotions through colour and music in order to help the 'Colour Monster' separate and label how he is feeling! 


During our topic afternoons we will learning all about rainbows and Joseph's AMAZING technicolour dream coat! Focusing on a colour each week we will be designing and painting a brand new coat for Joseph to wear!!! We will also be responding to music linking with the weekly colour! 


In order to support at home you can start to think about colours, labeling them and playing eye spy or finding colours around the home. You may listen to different songs and talk about the different emotions you feel when listening to the music. I wonder, can you think of a song that makes you happy? If you can message me on Dojo and we will include it in our topic sessions! 


I look forward to seeing what colour and music adventures you have at home! 


Antonia smiley