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Pupil Performance and Progress

Pupil Progress

The following is general information to help you understand how we make our decisions about the progress our young people make.




Knowing our school



To ensure we have a clear picture of the learning experience and what it is like to be a young person who attends our school, we employ a range of strategies including learning and environment walks, moderation (within the team and also with other local special schools), teaching and learning observations - formal and informal, work scrutinies, sharing of good and outstanding practice and shadow working. Even supporting at lunchtimes and breaktimes, leading and celebrating in assemblies and involvement in the arrival and departure of our young people at the start and end of our school day, gives us a flavour of the pupil experience and how well they progress and achieve. 


The Leadership team meet termly with class teachers for Pupil Progress Reviews. Teachers discuss each student and make comments on progress, attendance, behaviour, safeguarding and wellbeing. If necessary interventions to support students in these areas are identified and put into action, and then reviewed regularly. This information is collated to provide an overview for Governors and the Leadership Team. This information is also valuable to share at annual reviews and CIN meetings with parents and our social care colleagues. 


At Montacute we use the assessment platform 'Evidence for Learning.' This tool allows teachers to record pupil progress and link it to whole school assessment frameworks and Personal Learning Goals. When teachers make changes to or create a new set of Personal Learning Goals, these are reviewed before being approved my a member of the Leadership team. 

How we make sure our judgements are sound



Moderation occurs regularly throughout the school year;

  • Department moderation - teachers meet termly to moderate a selection of pupil evidence and assessments
  • Inclusion in local SEND Moderation groups -  we meet termly with several other local special schools to moderate pupil work and extend this further through inclusive enriching social events across these partnerships
  • External moderation - Early Years Foundation Stage and external moderation with awarding bodies 

What we use to monitor progress 



Every pupil has Personal Learning Goals, consisting of Annual Individual Education Plan (IEP) targets, and Key Stage Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) Targets. 


IEP targets are planned stages of how a pupil will be supported in meeting the end of Key Stage targets discussed and decided upon and written in their Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) meeting. These are reviewed annually and the next steps planned accordingly.


We assess students against Montacute Levels in key curriculum areas including Communication and Literacy, Personal Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development and Cognition and Learning. Students who are not engaged in subject specific study will also be assessed using the Engagament Model. 


Other skills achieved are celebrated through Star of the Week certificates.

How we judge progress



A range of evidence is gathered including the following:-

  • Evidence and assessment of IEP and EHCP Targets
  • Evidence and assessment of Montacute Levels
  • Annual Learning Journey and End of Year Report
  • Comments from parents and other professionals