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Emotional, Mental Health & Wellbeing Whole School Strategy

At Montacute School we recognise that mental health and emotional wellbeing has the same importance as physical health. We understand wellbeing as a state of being comfortable, healthy and happy. We recognise that children’s mental health is a crucial factor in their overall wellbeing and can impact upon their learning and achievement.


We prioritise those who need our help most but we take a whole school approach to promoting positive mental health that aims to help our children and young people to feel supported, heard, accepted, valued and empowered.

We acknowledge that the challenges of children, parents/carers and staff within a SEND school are different and potentially more complex than in mainstream schools.


We recognise that there is a direct link between the wellbeing of our parents, carers and our staff and the wellbeing of our pupils, and that the culture and values of our School is determined by the extent to which we all work towards our vision.


Our mission is to promote resilience, self-esteem, a sense of ‘belonging’, positive mental health and wellbeing for all our pupils, parents/carers/siblings & staff and for all to be accepting and respectful of diversity.


We believe having a mentally healthy community is not about being happy all the time, but about working together through the challenges and sharing the celebrations; feeling supported, heard, accepted, valued and empowered.