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My Family Coach - Understanding Behaviour

At Montacute, we use My Family Coach to help our parents and carers understand their children’s behaviour.

My Family Coach is a free website written by behaviour experts with 20 years’ experience working with over 5,000 schools. My Family Coach will support you through the tough times, inspire you with new ideas, and share practical tips to make parenting that little bit easier.


My Family Coach gives parents access to quick reads, podcasts and video talks to support and give advice on a range of parenting challenges. In addition, My Family Coach offers free access to webinars and classes that are the perfect choice if you’re after advice you can trust, struggling with a particular issue, or want to look more closely at the key challenges of parenting.

My Family Coach: Expert Advice for Your Families

My Family Journal App

Find patterns and solutions to challenging behaviour with our helpful journal app. Simply writing about your child’s behaviour can lower anxiety, reduce stress, and even help you get a better night’s sleep.


My Family Journal, we can help you find and tackle the reasons behind the behaviour.

  • Reflect on your day! How are you feeling?
  • Find triggers for challenging behaviour
  • Identify patterns overtime
  • Collect data to share with professionals


My Family Journal automatically adds a helpful tip for you to click and read. You’ll often find a link to further support and information when using keywords. 


With so many benefits to journaling, why not start today?


Available to download on the App Store and Google Play