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Our New Minibus

We recently took delivery of our new minibus. Click here to learn more

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Our video

                 Created by the video team at 4Com Plc and donated by the 4Com Foundation   A huge thank you to 4Com from all at Montacute School   

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Ofsted Latest

Please click on the links below to find out about our Ofsted Progress Letter from Jill Ofsted Letter

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Fund Raising

  We are delighted with our brand new school building and now want to make sure our play areas are wonderful too! We are fundraising hard to make sure that all of our pupils, whatever their age or their needs, have great fun places to be with their friends and learn outside. If you would like to...

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Montacute is a specialist school for children and young people who have Complex Learning Difficulties or Disabilities (CLDD).

This means that our pupils usually have more than one part of themselves that affects their ability to learn. These parts interact with each other to create a unique picture in terms of their individual learning needs and abilities. People with CLDD are unlikely to fit into a ready–made learning framework, and need a very personalised learning pathway put together for them.

At Montacute, we have skilled staff with different types of expertise who can collaborate together – as well as with external consultants where needed – to create learning approaches for individual pupils, based on finding out about that particular pupil. If we come across a pupil who needs us to have some knowledge we do not have, we will train ourselves so we can support that pupil.

We specialise in taking pupils who are at the most complex end of the spectrum, ie. children and young people whose ability to learn has been most affected by their difficulties and disabilities.

Here are some examples of diagnoses our pupils may have:

  • Autism
  • Communication Difficulties
  • Complex Developmental Delay 
  • Complex Medical Needs
  • Emotional / Mental Health Needs eg. Anxiety / OCD
  • Physical Disabilities
  • Sensory Integration Difficulties
  • Sensory Disabilities

Montacute can take pupils from the age of 2 to the age of 19, or at any points in between.

To read our prospectus please click on the links below
  • 2nd August at 07:49

    Only 4 days to go! Alex and Louise will be jumping out of an aeroplane at 15,000 ft and free falling for 60 seconds!!! They are tr...

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  • 22nd July at 15:59

    We wish all our leavers the very best as they make their next steps! Here are some more wonderful photos from our School Prom las...

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  • 22nd July at 15:42

    A huge thank you to A&D Skips who kindly provided us with a skip free of charge when we cleared our very over grown woodland area....

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  • 20th July at 16:54

    Thank you to all the staff and customers at Ashley Power who have been collecting money for our Monty's Campaign - so far they hav...

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  • 20th July at 12:43

    A big thank you for sending in all of your Sainsbury Active Kids vouchers. These have now been counted and we received 1,468 vouch...

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Montacute School

3 Canford Heath Road
BH17 9NG

Tel: 01202 693239
Fax: 01202 657363
email: office@montacute.poole.sch.uk