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‘Where every moment is a learning opportunity’

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MONTACUTE is made up of teams of people working together to make sure that the pupils get the very best that can be provided for them.


CLASS TEAMS consist of teachers, instructors and higher level teaching assistants who are responsible for planning activities and making sure pupils are learning well and safely. They are also responsible for delivering the learning activities alongside the teaching assistants.

Class teams belong to one of the departments in the school, and each department has a leader who is responsible for things working well in that part of the school. The departments are:

  • Lower School (about ages 2-7)
  • Middle School (about ages 8-13)
  • Upper School (about ages 14-19)


These age ranges are only a guide, as sometimes a pupil’s best place to learn might sit outside of the closest class in age range.


SPECIALIST TEAMS are responsible for supporting pupils across the school in specific areas. They do this by working closely with the Class Teams.

Specialist teams at Montacute are:

  • The School Council: This council consists of pupils who make decisions about the school and express their views on behalf of their classmates.
  • The Speech and Language Therapy Team: This team supports pupils with their communication needs.
  • The Medical Support Team: This team supports pupils with their medical needs and with related issues such as continence.
  • The Support Services Team: This team makes sure that everyone is supported in having what they need in a variety of ways. It is the glue between all of the teams!
  • The Inclusion and Outreach Team: This team works with other schools to make sure that Montacute pupils have learning opportunities alongside their mainstream peers. It also makes sure that pupils with special needs who attend mainstream schools have access to the right expertise to help them succeed.
  • The Curriculum and Assessment Team: This team is led by the Deputy Head Teacher and both develops our practices in these areas and monitors how well our curriculum and the way we assess progress are supporting pupils to learn.
  • The Safeguarding Team: This team ensures that we take every measure we can to keep children and young people safe from abuse.
  • The Health and Safety Team: This team makes sure the school environment is working well and safely to support the learning and wellbeing of all of the people in it. It also ensures we risk assess the activities we do in school.
  • The Lunchtime Team: Our midday supervisors are trained to support our pupils through the lunchtime period.


LEADERSHIP TEAM is responsible for making sure that everyone in the school is putting their best effort into providing for our pupils and making sure they learn really well. It makes sure that everyone has the training and information they need to do a good job, and that the right people are with the right pupils. It makes sure that we are always seeking to improve what we are offering. The Leadership Team includes the Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher, Assistant Head Teacher, School Leader in Education, Support Services Team Leader and Parent Partner.


GOVERNORS are responsible for making sure that the Leadership Team are doing their job properly. 


The school also has a Technician to make sure that we are able to use technology well with our pupils, a Behaviour Analyst and Team Teach Trainer,a Movement and Dance Lead and a Fundraiser!

Together, and with pupils and families, we all play our part in making up the community of Montacute School.