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Pupil Progress Reports

Whole School Progress Report

The following is general information to help you understand how we make our decisions about the progress our young people make.



How the school is organised

This year the students have been grouped, as far as is possible, into classes relating to their learning styles and pace of learning. Staff in these classes have skills related to the pupil needs for example specific communication strategies such as Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), approaches such as Rebound and Sensory Integration and any training to support medical needs.

How we monitor what is happening throughout the school



To ensure we have a clear picture of how the students are progressing across the school, termly Learning Walks are completed. These consist of experienced staff ranging from teachers through to the Leadership team who will visit each class with a clear focus such as the use of ICT to support learning, communication strategies or a specific curriculum area such as Literacy or Numeracy.  What is looked at will depend upon the focus of the Learning Walk for example in a  Literacy Learning walk teachers would expect to see evidence of text, symbols, photographs and  object cues around the class. They would look at evidence of work in the Learning Records, examples of activities for individual work sessions and opportunities for reading around the classroom.

How we make sure our judgements are sound



We moderate termly with local special schools, in many different ways we have looked at benchmarking pupil’s achievement against P levels; attainment in Literacy and Numeracy; outcomes for EYFS; moderation of accreditation.  Our Assessment Lead has been involved in a National SEND assessment Hub for MAPP, comparing the practice and moderating the implementation with a view to setting up a local Hub.

What we use to monitor progress 



Each pupil has an Individual Learning Plan set termly highlighting priorities for learning, this consists of IEP targets (recorded in MAPP) and Learning Intentions (monitored on the Learning Intention Tracker sheet).

On a daily basis class staff are recording how well the individuals are working on their tasks using the Continuum of Skills Development (CSD). This includes how well they can do things on their own, how much they are improving at doing it, how often they are able to do activities and how well they can do it with different people and in different situations. This is recorded against Individual Education Plan (IEP) targets using software called MAPP.


IEP targets are planned stages of how a pupil will be supported in meeting the end of Key Stage outcomes discussed and decided upon and written in their Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) meeting. These are reviewed termly and the next steps planned accordingly.

We select what we are going to teach from a bank of learning intentions produced for each curriculum strand.  We draw upon these in a flexible way to meet the needs of each individual pupil. These learning intentions may relate directly to the EHCP outcomes or they may relate directly to topic areas covered as part of a cycle.


Other skills achieved are celebrated through Star of the Week certificates, WOW sheets and ‘Learning Intention’ statements which highlight skills gained or mastered.

How we judge progress



A broad range of evidence is gathered including the following:-

  • Individual learning records; which contain paper based activities, photos and videos
  • Recording sheets completed during class activities
  • E-learning journey
  • Base lining and target setting
  • Comments from parents and other professionals