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Montacute School

Montacute School

‘Where every moment is a learning opportunity’

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Our Three Departments

Montacute is split into three departments:

  • Lower School (ages 2-7) – will focus on assessment and the foundations of learning.
  • Middle School (ages 8-13) – will focus on widening experiences and further developing personalized learning paths.
  • Upper School (ages 14-19) – will focus on tailoring support to young people as they grow up and become young adults.


Sometimes a pupil will be placed in a different department to the one strictly suggested by their age. This will be because their individual learning needs have been felt more important than age related learning needs at that time. The most important question asked each year is: where will this pupil best learn? We look at the class groups we have, and aim to match each child to the best class for them.


We group pupils according to their learning styles in each of the three departments. Each class will offer a main learning style, designed to support the needs of the pupils in that group. The main learning styles adopted by classes across each department are:


  • Sensory Therapeutic Learning Style
  • Structured Active Learning Style
  • Social and Collaborative Learning Style


The main learning style won’t be the only one used in a class. Teachers will adapt their approach to suit the pupils they have in their class.


The three departments give a broadly age-related learning context, giving opportunities for a change of approach as a pupil gets older. Within this, each class has a different main “learning style” with specialist staff, giving tailored learning environments to best support different pupils. Within this, each pupil has their own unique learning plan, which guides which school and which class they are placed in each year.


In this way, we aim to support the needs of every child and young person in our school.