Fundraising – how you can support us

Whilst Montacute School were lucky enough to get a fabulous brand new building this did not include any funding for the things that really add to our children and young people’s lives - items such as hoists for the most immobile students, soft play areas, specialists play equipment, calming multisensory communication equipment, accessible wheelchair paths, specialist ITC items, outside play equipment – most of these things are not little extras but essential to our pupil’s learning and wellbeing.  This has presented us with an enormous challenge – we have had to start fundraising in order to fully equip the school to a standard that we think our children and young people deserve.  We set ourselves a target and so far, we have raised enough money to equip the inside of the building.  Our biggest challenge now is to make our outside space as fabulous as the inside – as you can imagine we have an extensive wish list including a market garden, gym trail, sensory garden, playground equipment, cave, nature trail, cycle area etc

What can you do? 

Donations of any amount towards our Monty’s Appeal would be wonderful but it is not just your money we are after:

  • We need people to undertake their own sponsored activities and challenges – one of our governors did a sponsored skydive, a parent undertook the Brownsea Island swim and the deputy head cycled through France – what could you do?
  • Do you have any contacts – a business contact that might like to make us their charity of the year, or that could provide us with a service or a piece of equipment?  A famous friend or neighbour that could offer their support.  A family member who works for a charitable trust or the lottery
  • Are you a member of a club – a church group, keep fit class, rotary club, golf club that might like to raise funds as a one off event or again make us their charity of the year
  • Do you have any professional skills or contacts – we could always use some help with marketing, PR, fundraising, but sometimes we need help in other areas – landscape design, gardening, bid writing – the list goes on
  • Do you just want to get involved – we are always looking for volunteers to come in and help not just with fundraising but with a wide range of activities to support our students including swimming, reading or support in the classroom
  • SHOP ONLINE  - just by doing your online shopping via you will raise a FREE donation with every purchase! It's really easy and won't cost you a penny extra.  Register with

 Get in touch

If you have any ideas, want to help in any way or just want to chat about our Appeal I am usually in school on a Wednesday but can be contacted via email on

I look forward to hearing from all the friends, families and contacts of Montacute School.

Karon Nougher