Vision and Values


Learning is not just something that happens at school, it happens anywhere at any time.  Good learning can help people have as many choices in their lives as possible, and know how to make the choices that will help them be happy.

The learning that is most import will vary for every single person.  We want to look at each individual, understand what is most important for them, and find ways of helping them learn what they most need.

Everyone who knows a child or young person, whether family, friend or professional, is a possible partner in helping that child or young person to learn and thrive, and so we will be most effective if we can find ways to work together.


We want our learners to fell safe - but also excited by life!  We do our best to to make sure that school is full of  rich experiences.  We aim to find out what our learners like so that we can use it as a way of helping them learn.  Sometimes you have to come out of your comfort zone to find out what you enjoy, and we carefully support our young people to try new thhigs - cope - and believe in themselves.


All of our learners are encouraged to be aware of others, and to know how to behave socially, how to comunicate, and how to make enjoyable relationships.  We want our learners to have a sense of what is like to be a valued part of our school community.  We also go out into our local community to learn how to use it well - nd we invite young people from other schools into our school so that we can have fun and learn together.


Montacute is a non-faith school. We meet for collective worship that is mainly of a broadly Christian character at least once a week as a whole school where our pupils will share in a prayer which is specific to our school, and/or hymns. Collective worship happens every day in classes or in Departments, giving pupils time to be reflective. This enables us to develop their Social, Spiritual, Moral and Cultural Education (SSMC). Developing an understanding of the religious traditions in Britain, which in the main are Christian, whilst also taking into account the other principal religions, is also a crucial feature of our school year. We have special assemblies around key religious events such as Harvest and Christmas. During the school year, we may also attend our local church, St.Marks, for special events in the Christian calendar such as our Christmas Carol Service. 

Learning about different faiths, cultures and beliefs supports the development of tolerance and mutual respect. Commitment and celebration of our country’s diverse population makes us collectively stronger, tolerant and respectful of the differences in our community and the wider world.

We aim to make Religious Education meaningful for our pupils through our enrichment activities, community visits, lessons and topics, inclusion links, and assemblies. All our Phase Curriculum Framework theme cycles and planning documents highlight Religious Education learning opportunities. This is broadly based on the locally agreed syllabus prepared by the Agreed Syllabus Conference (ASC)  taking in to account the learning needs of our pupils.